The Project

The Mittelbau Subcamps Information and Memorial Site was initiated by the Council of Former Inmates of the Mittelbau-Doraconcentration camp. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of its founding, the Bergsicherung Ilfeld Inc. requested donations for this purpose, with the aid of which the project was realized in 2015. Since that time, thirty-nine information panels at the former railway ramp on the memorial grounds  have served to commemorate the subcamps in the Mittelbau concentration camp complex. A QR code is posted there providing access to the website, which offers detailed information on the camps.

Mittelbau Subcamps Information and Memorial Site

The Dora camp was the core of a large network of concentration subcamps in the southern Harz mountains that were consolidated to establish the independent Mittelbau concentration camp in October 1944. By April 1945, the Mittelbau concentration camp complex consisted of thirty-nine subcamps. More than 40,000 persons were imprisoned there by the SS in 1945. In the majority of the Mittelbau camps, the inmates were forced to excavate tunnels. Hardly any of the underground armament factories ever reached completion. They had been intended to house aircraft production facilities of the Junkers company and plants belonging to the mineral oil industry. The SS had barrack camps set up in the vicinity of the construction sites. The largest of these subcamps were in the districts of Ellrich, Harzungen, and Rottleberode near Nordhausen.